Where to have the best afternoon tea in Dubai 2019

Where to have the best afternoon tea in Dubai 2019

High Tea was started as a British pastime, but it gained hype and is now become a part of the world’s culture. Dubai has also wholeheartedly embraced this culture and offers you some amazing places to have afternoon tea.

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely pastime one or a self-indulgent one, Dubai has the best afternoon tea places to offer you.

Here are some exciting places that you can visit to have your afternoon tea and for an incredible experience.

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Flying Cup

If having an afternoon tea at the table sounds a bit old-fashioned, you need to try having different high tea experience by suspending 50 meters above the ground at Flying Club.

Fearless people who want to try out different things are lifted by a crane into the air, to dine and have cup of coffee in the air for one, exciting hour. You can select your favorite hot drinks from the menu with sweet cookies and scones.

Flying Cup
Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Choose from pastries, fruit tart and much more delicious menu while capturing great selfies. Just do not to drop your phone while you’re on the edge.


Burj Khalifa is the favorite and must-visit spot for tourists. At.Mosphere lounge located on 122 floor of Burj Khalifa offers you English tea experience in a French knack.

At.Mosphere Dubai

It offers a range of menu and you can select from 20 long tea list menu with mini sandwiches and patisseries. The live violin gives a perfect touch to its ambiance making it soothing and refreshing. Having a tea in the high sky in the tallest tower of the world must be a pricey option but it’s definitely worth.

Skyview Bar

Make your afternoon teas most iconic on the top floor of Burj al Arab at Skyview Bar. Get a window seat so that you can have breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah, and The World Island along the coastal line making it picture perfect. Related: 360 Things to do in Dubai

Skyview Bar Dubai

Offering a high end menu from different types of teas and innovative beverages, it also have sweet scones, fresh pastries served with Devonshire clotted cream.

Dukes Dubai

If you want to experience a real British cultured high tea ambiance, then Dukes is the right place. Located in Jumeirah Beach, is a colorful luxurious venue for British kinda afternoon tea. Related: Things to do in Dubai Sky

 Dukes Dubai

It offers British assorted pastries, sandwiches and scones with homemade jams. The best part is that you can select loose leaf tea from a gourmet selection.

It also had the privilege to supply world’s best tea with international tea brand Tchaba. Have a pleasant evening with British royal hospitality embracing British culture.

Sultan’s Lounge:

An award winning afternoon tea lounge is the perfect place to have afternoon tea with your friends. Its Ottoman inspired décor gives it a soothing atmosphere with highly furnished furniture.

Sultan’s Lounge Dubai JBR

It offers different type of teas including the traditional Turkish tea served with dates. There is innovative range of crème to select like cinnamon cream, locally made cream and rose petal jam.

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